Specialized Remote Assisted Reality Capture Devices Initiate HD Live Audio/Video Streams

The core component of Remote Assisted RealityTM is the capture of live situational intelligence through specialized video cameras in wearables, mobile or stationary mounted with the additional mandatory capability to stream that captured content in high definition live to VMI's RAR Enterprise Software Applications. In case of wearables, VMI approved smartglasses have a very specific form factors and built in technology enabling these two mandatory functions. In addition to the technical aspects of the RAR wearable device, usability, durability, weatherproofing, personnel safety and unobstructed view of the situation are prime considerations in VMI's stringent device approval process. While VMI is agnostic to the manufacturer of these devices, we expect the manufacturer to adhere to the following fundamental specifications:

  • RAR Wearable devices must have a form factor that does not impede user's normal field of vision in any manner or compromise personnel safety.
  • RAR Wearable devices must not have any distracting information (textual or graphical) overlaying on the glasses while in operation.
  • RAR Wearable devices must have sufficient battery life including hot-pluggable power modules for uninterrupted live streaming.
  • RAR Wearable devices must allow handsfree operation to the greatest extent possible, so that the operator's hands are free for them to focus on the situation and not on positioning and operating the RAR capture device.
  • All RAR devices must be able to stream live high definition audio/video over a wired high speed internet connection (pole/wall mounts) or over WiFi/4G (mobile).
  • All RAR devices must be capable of streaming with adaptive bitrates and configurable resolutions.
  • All RAR devices, especially wearables must have as a failsafe, the capability to record high definition audio/video files with configurable resolutions (not lower than 720p) in on-board micro-SD cards.
  • All RAR devices, especially wearables ideally would allow live bi-directional audio communication (be equipped with on-board microphone and speaker or earbud).
  • All RAR devices must be able to stream over RTMP, RTSP and HLS protocols in order to be integrated with our RAR Enterprise Software Applications.

Remote Assisted RealityTM, (RAR) is an industry term, introduced and trademarked by Visual Mobility Inc, to represent our growing suite of RAR Enterprise Software Solutions coupled with our approved RAR Situational Intelligence Capture Devices. RAR is the ability of capturing live audio/video content from real life business scenarios occurring remotely, broadcasting that content to an company expert or a central control room in the organization, through specially equipped live streaming audio/visual equipment and incorporating the live content in real time into Situational Awareness based transactions, that may be integrated with new or existing backend Enterprise Applications.

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Our RAR Enterprise Software Applications Can Be Integrated With These Devices

VMI approved RAR devices recommended for user authentication, capture, stream and access our RAR Enterprise Software Applications, can be classified into three categories - (1) RAR Capture Devices (2) RAR Network Connectivity Devices and (3) RAR Enterprise Software Application Access Devices. The RAR Capture Devices include our High Definition audio/video live streaming smartglasses and cameras as described below. The RAR Network Connectivity Devices would be our 4G LTE hotspots and broadband routers illustrated below and finally our RAR Enterprise Application Software access devices which would be smartphones or tablets what authenticate the remote user in the field and enable them to initiate the remote assisted reality workflows.


The Pivothead Smart Architect Edition meets all the requirements to facilitate Remote Assisted Reality based intelligence for our RAR Enterprise Software Applications
These highly functional Smartglasses with color LED based status indicators have been custom designed to be integrated with our VIBES and SIBLE Applications and will continue to serve real time data for all of our upcoming applications.

The Pro version of the SMART Architect EditionTM Smartglasses from our strategic partner Pivothead fits our Remote Assisted Reality Enterprise Applications like a glove and is the most popular device among our clients. These highly functional RAR capture smartglasses meet all of our stringent requirements for a RAR device that can be integrated with our existing and future RAR Enterprise Software Applications. The design of this RAR device in a nutshell, is simply SMART (Simple Modular Application Ready Technology). A swipe of the finger on the outer left arm of the smartglasses starts and stops the live streaming over a wireless network or recording on the on-board micro-SD card up to 32GB, depending on the direction of the swipe. With an on-board battery life of 30 minutes, these smartglasses have hot-pluggable rechargeable battery packs called Fuel SmartMOD, each giving 30 minutes of additional power to the Smartglasses for uninterrupted streaming. For more extreme applications battery packs of up to eight hours of continuous streaming is also available, thereby ensuring continuous coverage of the situation delivering remote situational intelligence to our RAR Enterprise Software Applications.

An 8 MP Sony CMOS sensor behind a 4 element Largan glass lens offers a 77 degree field of view for these comfortable RAR smartglasses. Capable of capturing live video in both NTSC and PAL standards at resolutions 480p, 720p and 1080p, this device can store MP4 H.264 video files in the on-board microSD card. This device can stream at 480p at 30 frames per second, which is quite an adequate high defintion for most applications. If required and if bandwidth is not an issue, higher resolution streaming is also possible to be unlocked on this device. It is also possible to capture still images at 3MP, 5MP and 8MP resolutions in single shot, burst mode or time lapse, creating JPEG files on the on-board microSD card. The system settings of this RAR device can be set up over Bluetooth 4.0 through iOS and Android apps and be integrated with a Media Server that is part of VMI's web appliance. The device can connect to any WAP/WPA protected WiFi network with a high speed terrestrial internet connection or a 4G hotspot backend. For Enterprise security reasons, this RAR device cannot connect to an open WiFi network.

Simple gesture controls - a directional finger swipe on the left arm of the device starts and stops live streaming or on-board recording functions. Color LEDs on the top inner rim of the glasses indicate every status of the glasses including audible beeps from an on-board speaker. The device allows any kind of lenses to be attached to it - prescription, photo-chromatic, safety lenses or polarized lenses can be attached depending on user preference making it easy to use for most industrial applications.

In essence the Pivothead SMART Architect Edition has set the bar high for a truly functional, usable, comfortable wearable RAR device worthy of capturing and delivering remote situational intelligence to be integrated with our RAR Enterprise Software Applications.



The Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack offers a reliable coverage of 4G LTE network in the United States and a great addition to our portfolio of VMI approved RAR network communication devices

Our RAR approved Smartglasses and Vehicle / Vessel mounted cameras require a reliable and stable WiFi connection linked to a high speed, high bandwidth Internet backbone for smooth high definition video streaming. If a remote technician is on-premise Wi-Fi cannot be accessed by our RAR audio/video capture devices on location, a Wi-Fi hotspot connecting to a reliable 4G LTE network can offer alternate connectivity to the user. While accessing the 4G LTE network does come with carrier costs for data (as compared to an on-premise Wi-Fi network in an organization) the 4G LTE hotspot is a suitable and reliable alternative that can provide access to a secure Wi-Fi network to meet VMI's strict data security standards.

VMI has partnered with Verizon Wireless, with a very stable and reliable 4G LTE network in the United States to include their Ellipsis Jetpack in our portfolio of VMI Approved RAR devices. Remote users of our situational intelligence live audio/video capture devices require an Android / iOS smartphone or tablet in order to authenticate themselves and their device to our RAR Enterprise Software applications in order to obtain and share remote intelligence through the Interent.

Note that if the remote user is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network for some reason, they can still record the situation in the on-board micro-SD card on the RAR Smartglasses. Later on when the user has connectivity, they can upload the recording and associate the MP4 file to the transaction through our RAR Enterprise App.


VMI has approved a unique high definition video camera from our strategic partner IC Realtime, approved by VMI as a Remote Assisted Reality capture device, provides an impressive 720O view from a stationary mount position on a wall, ceiling, pole, corner or even on the roof of vehicles and watercraft - no blind spots. Two 12 MP cameras with Sony CMOS sensors with fish-eye lenses, provide the all-round coverage which is stitched together by proprietary software for an immersive spherical view of the situation. Weather and water proof construction makes this camera ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor mounting, delivering video up to 4K grade resolution. The camera can be powered through a 12V DC supply or even Power over Ethernet which makes it very versatile and operable in demanding conditions. High definition audio/video captured by this camera is streamed live and captured by our Remote Assisted Reality Enterprise Software Applications and rendered in the consolidated dashboards for real time situational intelligence around the mount-point.

Connecting to the network through a wired high speed internet connection, this camera is capable of continuously streaming live audio and video to feed situational intelligence to our RAR Enterprise Solutions to be merged with the live streams coming from other RAR devices in our Situational Dashboards for a consolidated view.


These Cradlepoint Broadband routers can provided wired and WiFi connectivity to our RAR capture devices and a great addition to our portfolio of VMI approved RAR network communication devices

These unique broadband routers from Cradlepoint is ideal for providing high speed broadband network connectivity to both stationary mount RAR capture devices such as the IC RealTime BEAM720 in a stationary mount configuration or mounted on the roof of a vehicle of watercraft. Both the IBR 600 and IBR 650 can accept a wired RJ-45 ethernet cable based connection to a broadband backbone or with a SIM card connect to a 4G LTE wireless network to provide the broadband backbone to the IC RealTime RAR capture devices. The IBR 600 can also become a WiFi hotspot through which an iOS or Android mobile tablet or smartphone could connect and be able to use that network to access VMI's RAR Enterprise Software Applications, thereby saving on the data usage from a mobile situation. Such versatility makes the IBR600/IBR650 a perfect addition to the suite of VMI approved RAR network communication devices.


Remote Assisted Reality Devices Play A Vital Role To Implement RAR Concept And Technology

Remote Assisted Reality web apps currently available are VIBES - Visual Intelligence Based Enterprise Services, SIBLE - Situational Intelligence Based Law Enforcement, LITE and the native mobile app for IOS and Android - GeoTrak. The web apps wrap around the RAR devices, adopt their live streams, consolidate them into transactions and integrate with backend transactional and analytical systems

The core concept of Remote Assisted Reality is to be able to capture real time Situational Intelligence directly from the scene of the incident or situation using high definition audio and video and be able to broadcast it instantly, live over the Internet to be captured by VMI's RAR Enterprise Software Applications for its follow on functions of association, collaboration and storage. If pictures say a thousand words, an audio/video clip could say ten thousand while a live audio video stream in high definition could speak a million words about the same situation. Business operations today are deprived of such real time Situational Intelligence in the field and decisions made are dependent primarily on personal opinions and personal interpretation and description of the situation. Essentially businesses are stuck with reliance on a telephonic conversation or an email based communication to make decisions, which is time consuming, expensive and often times ineffective.

VMI approved remote assisted reality capture devices solve this critical component of business operations and decision making by equipping field personnel, vehicles, vessels and even stationary structures with our suite of RAR capture devices. These devices capture and instantly stream high definition live audio/video signals from the scene of the situation and engage experts literally anywhere in the world with access to our RAR Enterprise Software Applications.

Once engaged, the expert can invite other experts both internal to the organization, as well as approved and screened external agencies anywhere in the world through the Internet, to collaborate on the same situation that originated directly from the remote location. The net result is empowerment of all the engaged collaborators with direct live Situational Intelligence of text based data enriched with live audio/video content, thereby facilitating prompt decision making, expedited problem solving, reduction of resolution times and hence significant reduction of costs.

Essentially the Return on Investment through the implementation of our Remote Assisted Reality technology is phenomenal due to our unique ability to reduce overhead, increase customer satisfaction, and business efficiencies. For all Enterprises following Six Sigma programs for reduction of waste and increasing product / service quality, RAR technology is a significant enabler of a lean and nimble enterprise.

The use of smartphones to record a situation is generally offline - first record, save the recording on the mobile device and then upload the file somewhere for someone else review later - this is far from the live streaming technology that VMI approved RAR capture devices deliver. Some apps have started to appear in the app stores that enable users to stream live video from their smartphones. However these are for personal use and nowhere near to the quality and compression technologies that are necessary for streaming live audio/video content for integration with Enterprise Applications. Without adequate compression, the available bandwidth on a data plan of the smartphone user is rapidly consumed, leading to all kinds of other ancillary problems for the user. Furthermore from a usability perspective having one hand tied up to position and manage the live video capture and broadcasting process is often not possible for a service technician or law enforcement officer engaged in a live incident, where both hands need to be free to cater to the situation at hand. In real life business scenarios a true RAR capture wearable device must be handsfree in addition all the other attributes explained here.

True live streaming devices must be able to generate streams following one of the industry standard adaptive bitrate streaming protocols such as RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol), RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) which is a mandatory requirement of all VMI approved RAR capture devices. Such core requirements of live streaming is not available in apps for smartphones, which further makes them unsuitable for use in Remote Assisted Reality Enterprise Software Applications. Additionally Enterprise Applications require all content, including audio/video broadcasts to be secure right from origination to termination into the receiving Enterprise Application. Such security is not typically available in smartphone applications, which makes them unusable in an real time enterprise scenario for live streaming.

RAR capture devices should generate RTMP/RTSP streams and broadcast over a high speed internet backbone and be trans-muxed into HLS format in order to be accessible through our RAR Enterprise Software Applications on any internet connected device. Stationary mount RAR capture devices could connect over standard RJ-45 Ethernet cables or WiFi, while mobile RAR capture devices, such as the VMI approved Pivothead SMARTglasses and vehicle/vessel mounted RAR devices would connect over a WAP / WPA secured WiFi network to a high speed terrestrial or 4G LTE backbone. Devices are always authenticated to the user who is originating the stream through VMI's Three Factor Authentication protocol (or the optional 4 Factor Authentication protocol) embedded in all of our RAR Enterprise Software Solutions. All devices are configured to stream to specific Media Server(s) installed in a private cloud or behind our client's on-premise firewall as part of VMI's web appliance, post user authentication. Once the user is authenticated their live stream is integrated through our proprietary technology into the specific RAR Enterprise Software Application to be processed further. Essentially there is a very tight integration between the RAR capture device and the receiving RAR Enterprise Software Application

Remote Assisted Reality web apps currently available are VIBES - Visual Intelligence Based Enterprise Services, SIBLE - Situational Intelligence Based Law Enforcement, LITE and the native mobile app for IOS and Android - GeoTrak. The web apps wrap around the RAR devices, adopt their live streams, consolidate them into transactions and integrate with backend transactional and analytical systems

Let's first understand the role of each of the three categories of RAR devices in the entire Workflow of Remote Assisted Reality in order to answer this question:

RAR Capture Devices The role of these devices is to capture real time situational intelligence and stream live audio-video content in high definition over the internet to be integrated into VMI's backend RAR Enterprise Software Applications. Without this critical piece of equipment it is not possible to obtain such content in the RAR workflow, hence, this is a mandatory component in the remote user's kit.

RAR Network Connectivity Devices The role of these devices is to enable secure broadband network connectivity to the RAR Capture Device so that the high definition live streams initiated by them can be transmitted over the internet without any noticeable frame loss and be integrated in our RAR Enterprise Solution Applications. With the Pivothead SMARTglasses, any secure WiFi network offering a broadband backbone would be sufficient to provide this network connectivity. Hence for field service operations, if the service location already has a stable WiFi connection, then an additional RAR network connectivity device would not be necessary. If however an on-premise WiFi network is not available, then the VMI approved Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack with a 4G LTE backbone (in the USA) or a similar device in other countries would be required to provide a secure broadband network connection. In case of stationary mounted RAR capture devices such as the BEAM720, a wired RJ45 ethernet connection to a broadband LAN/WAN would be sufficient. However if the BEAM720 is mounted on a vehicle or watercraft, the Cradlepoint Broadband router with a SIM card connecting to a broadband 4G LTE network would provide mobile connectivity for the RAR capture device to send its live stream.

RAR Enterprise Software Application Access Devices The role of these devices (iOS or Android tablet or smartphone) is to authenticate the remote user in the RAR Software Application and use the application to share the live stream with other experts anywhere in the world and initiate the multi-party remote collaboration RAR workflows. Additionally, these devices need to report the dynamic geolocation of the user even if in motion to the RAR Enterprise Software Application to indicate their current location in the Application dashboards. In RAR deployments such as oil rigs where cellular coverage may not be present, these RAR Software Application access devices can connect to a Wifi network with a Satellite Communication broadband internet connection, and be able to access and engage in the standard RAR workflows. If the user in the scene of the incident cannot access such a device, they can still engage the RAR capture device to initiate the live stream and from a remote location the RAR Enterprise Software Application can capture that stream to obtain remote situational intelligence over audio/video.

Yes, the Pivothead SMARTglasses and the IC RealTime BEAM720 cameras are both weatherproof and are meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Regular maintenance and cleaning would be necessary to ensure that the lens(es) at a minimum is clear of any obstruction or smudges that could impede the normal operation of the cameras.

In these conditions, obviously, live streaming from the RAR Capture Device or access to the RAR Enterprise Software Application is not possible due to lack of connectivity. If the remote user is operating in such conditions, the RAR Capture device has an on-board microSD card that can record up to 32GB of high definition audio-video footage that is stored as an MP4 file. This way the situational intelligence is captured in the removable storage on the device because it could not be streamed live and shared through the RAR apps. Later on when connectivity is available the remote user could log into the RAR Software Application, initiate a back-timestamped ticket or incident and upload the stored MP4 file to be associated with that ticket or incident. Once this association is made the content may be accessed by appropriately authorized users of the app.

VMI will only approve RAR capture devices such as the Pivothead SMARTglasses, which offer a non-invasive (must not interfere with the operator's natural field of vision) form factor. Other glasses that we have evaluated have an extra arm housing the camera running across one of the lenses and hence obstructing the natural field of vision. This is distracting and could be a safety hazard for the person wearing the glasses and is not suitable for enterprise applications.

Virtual reality style headsets are great for gaming, simulated and pre-programmed training sessions and use indoors, but their bulkiness and pre-programmed mode of operation makes them unsuitable for field operations. VMI operates in the Remote Assisted Reality space tackling real life business operations and not in a simulated environment of Virtual Reality.

Other glasses in the Augmented Reality space are also not suitable for use in Remote Assisted Reality operations because overlaid information as text or graphics and schematics on that small real estate of the lenses is impractical for field operations. Imagine the experience of having to surf the Internet on a smartwatch. Such is the frustrating experience of having to comprehend and reliably act upon some computer generated pre-programmed information appearing on an Augmented Reality pair of glasses, while dealing with fast action real life situations occurring in the field.

Note that Remote Assisted Reality involves human expert driven intelligent collaboration and informed problem resolution based on remotely originated live high definition audio-video streaming from the scene of the actual situation. There is no simulation or pre-programmed computer algorithms involved in Remote Assisted Reality.

The Pivothead SMARTglasses have a form factor that is perfect for field operations with the lenses mounted unobtrusively thus allowing for a natural clear field of vision and uninterrupted usage. Couple that form factor with color LED indicator lights on the back panel, with live HD streaming and onboard recording features, hot pluggable battery units, and we have a perfect RAR capture device that sets the standard for Remote Assisted Reality technology from VMI.


Yes, you can. VMI is offering an option for anybody who owns a pair of Pivothead glasses to point your device to our Media servers and stream through it. You do not have to be one of our Enterprise customers to avail of this free service. You will be able to download our IOS / Android mobile app SEENIXVIEW from the Appstore/Playstore and be able to watch your stream live. Want to share the stream with your friends and family ? No problem, simply SMS/Email/Social Media your dedicated live stream URL to them. If they have downloaded the SEENIXVIEW app on their mobile device as well, they too will be able to watch your live stream just like you. You can purchase your Pivothead glasses from any outlet or us and be able to stream through our servers - for free. We are offering this service to promote the use of these glasses by a wider audience. At our discretion, in the future we may choose to charge fees for this streaming service or even stop offering this service. You can choose to opt out of this service at any time.

After you purchase your Pivothead glasses, complete the form below and let us know about your interest to stream through us. Choose the option SEENIXVIEW MY STREAM and provide us the LiveMod ID from your Pivothead kit. We will reach out to you with a registration form to verify that you are the rightful owner of that LiveMod and require that you accept our Terms and Conditions. Upon successful verification, we will send you instructions with a dedicated URL to view and/or share your live stream through your Pivothead glasses using the SEENIXVIEW application. There is no cost for this service at the moment - this a limited time promotion. So hurry and register with us to start streaming from your Pivothead glasses. Note that you are responsible for any data communication charges through a cellular provider or WiFi network while streaming from your Pivothead glasses through our servers.


Our Remote Assisted Reality Technology has valuable benefits to your enterprise and we'd welcome the opportunity to engage in a discussion with you on how we can add value to your operations. We encourage you to reach out to us by completing the form below to provide some basic information and we'll have one of our RAR certified experts contact you right away.